Paid Marketing Services

What is PPC Marketing?

The process of targeting relevant audience using established advertising platforms like Google AdWords, Bing Advertising, Yahoo Advertising, etc. while you pay for every click that your ad receives, is called as PPC marketing. Well, traditionally. Today, the bucket is popularly called as Paid Advertising with more than just pay per click model of advertisements.

Why is Paid Advertising important for you?

We’d all agree that the organic medium to earn traffic is quite cluttered. The competition is exceptionally high. In such a case, for businesses that require immediate returns for their services/products, Paid Advertising is a very viable option. The initial customer acquisition phase of any business is struggle-some. And the longer it stays with you, the slower is your progress graph. In such cases, we suggest that you start building your audience base by using paid advertising platforms. There are numerous businesses that thrive just on a healthy C2R (Cost to Revenue) ratio maintained in their paid advertising campaigns.

What do you need?

Well, setting up paid advertising campaigns is not a huge deal. Trust us, there are a million guides available which will guide you step after step in the set up process.

Expertise comes when you’re asked to optimize campaigns. This requires several years of experience to ensure that we don’t spill over any marketing budget in the wrong segment. Our Paid Marketing experts at Elinkad have handled crores of rupees worth of budgets in their career lifetime so far. Trust them. Trust Elinkad.